You Ask, We Answer Episode 29: If I am a retailer, do I need to sell my products on social media?


Welcome to episode 29 of You Ask, We Answer!


We are taking the most popular – and most asked – questions about social media marketing and answering them each week. You can find these videos posted every Monday on our Facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter account, and YouTube Channel. We’ll also send it out each week on our blog.


This week’s question…If I am a retailer, do I need to sell my products on social media?


Answer… Yes! Social commerce is expected to grow astronomically again this year. Over 50% of people buy straight from their social media feeds – I know I have! I feel we are seeing a big shift in e-commerce. Websites are still a necessity but it needs to expand over to social media. You can set up your catalog on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you can tag your products and people can shop right there. It’s another avenue to expand your business and your customer base.



You ask, we answer! Every Monday, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions we are asked, and we’ll give you the answer straight up!


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