You Ask, We Answer Episode 16: What are the pros and cons of using Facebook?

Welcome to episode 16 of You Ask, We Answer!


We are taking the most popular – and most asked – questions about social media marketing and answering them each week. You can find these videos posted every Monday on our Facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter account, and YouTube Channel. We’ll also send it out each week on our blog.


This week’s question…What are the pros and cons of using Facebook??


I am going to keep this simple. The biggest pro of using Facebook is that you have an audience there. With over 3 billion people, your target market is there. The biggest con is that you do not own what you post. If Facebook were to disappear tomorrow, so would all of your posts, pictures, and videos. THAT is why it’s important to have a company website where you own all of your content.



You ask, we answer! Every Monday, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions we are asked, and we’ll give you the answer straight up!


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