You Ask, We Answer Episode 12: What are these algorithms I hear about?

Welcome to episode 12 of You Ask, We Answer!


We are taking the most popular – and most asked – questions about social media marketing and answering them each week. You can find these videos posted every Monday on our Facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter account, and YouTube Channel. We’ll also send it out each week on our blog.


This week’s question…What are these algorithms I hear about?



Think of algorithms as formulas. Each social media platform – and Google – have algorithms that decide what you will see based on your activity history, what you like, and what you interact with. The more you interact with a person or company online (think likes, comments, shares), the more you will see that account. This is what the algorithm does. It looks at all of that and decides what you show up.


You ask, we answer! Every Monday, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions we are asked, and we’ll give you the answer straight up!


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