Are Facebook Ads Worth it

You Ask, We Answer Episode 3: Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Welcome to episode 3 of You Ask, We Answer!


We are taking the most popular – and most asked – questions about social media marketing and answering them each week. You can find these videos posted every Monday on our Facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter account, and YouTube Channel. We’ll also send it out each week on our blog.


This week’s question…Are Facebook Ads worth it?


Answer… Yes. With Facebook still the largest social media platform, you can find your target audience there. Of course, the more you are willing to pay for ads, the more they will be seen. Also keep in mind the newest iOS 14 changes – with the new privacy settings in the latest update, your Facebook ads will not report the full data.



You ask, we answer! Every Monday, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions we are asked, and we’ll give you the answer straight up!


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