Writer's Block Really Stinks

Writer’s Block Really Stinks

Today is more of a confession than an article.

See, as of lately I have been struggling with writer’s block.

And it sucks. Really.

I know you’ve been there. We all have been. It comes time to write and your brain is nothing but a blinking cursor on a blank screen. You try hard to come up with something – you search old articles to see if there’s anything you can update and republish. You search through past guest posts you can republish on your site. You even go see what everyone else is writing about to see if something sparks.

But nothing.

A few weeks ago I attended a conference in Atlanta that seriously left me with a dozen blog post ideas but for some reason I can’t beyond a title/concept for those.


So why do we suffer writer’s block?

– Are we stressed?

– Are we overwhelmed?

– Has everything been written already and we just don’t feel like putting our spin on it for the millionth time?

– Are we suffering our own content shock?


No matter the reason, writer’s block is real. If you’ve never suffered it, you’re lying. I’ve written on this blog about ways to overcome this and Jenn Hanford has even given us some sites to visit to try to break it.

Yet, I sit there totally blanked out on what to write about. Maybe that’s a sign I need to do some content planning, maybe I just need to take a week or 2 off from writing (gasp!). Google isn’t going to forget me. Thanks to Revive Old Post, older articles will still get shared to direct traffic back to here.

How have you dealt with writer’s block?? Please share your tips with me in the comments – you never know, it may turn into a blog post!

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