Why College Students Should Blog

Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 - 21In today’s opinionated society, almost everyone feels entitled to give their ‘two cents’ on various discussion topics.  For college students, many resort to expressing their feelings or opinions on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  What most college students don’t realize is the power and advantages of student blogging.  Blogging is a prevailing way for college students to develop a voice, learn new skills, make connections, and above all, demonstrate your knowledge.

  1. Develop a Voice
    For most students, finding what you are passionate about can be difficult at first when presented with several different options in college such as majors, clubs, organizations, and of the like.  If you find an interest in a certain field, or in several fields, blogging about it can be a way of talking it out with yourself and sharing it for others to partake in and/or give feedback. Blogging about an interest will encourage further study of that field and as you learn more, you may come to realize a new passion in life.  Overall, blogging is an excellent way for students in college to develop a voice about a topic they truly develop an interest in. 
  2. Learn New Skills
    Blogging in itself is a skill that entails many different qualities, especially for college students.  It enables them to become a better writer, develop more tech-savvy knowledge, aid in marketing services, and have more networking experience.  These are all valuable aspects that only add to an arsenal of abilities which can make students more qualified as a future employee.
  3. Make Connections
    Blogging is a great supplement for college students to show off their capabilities and expertise.  A blog can even be used as an online business card that showcases your work, if so desired.  Because of this, it would be best to network your blog rather than your Facebook or Twitter account.  Networking your blog looks more professional and lets others have an inside look on your opinions and topics that matter most to you. 
  4. Demonstrate Your Knowledge
    In a world where origination is such a necessary component of success, hiring individuals who have the ability to think about situations in unique ways is an increasing style.  For college students, blogging is where you can explore issues within a desired field, take stances on views, and step outside of the comfort zone to view a situation from altering angles.  Employers are thirsty for young minds that will be able to develop new ideas.  Blogging is one of the most successful ways in demonstrating your knowledge and showcasing your communication and grammar skills for future employers.

As a college student myself, I’ve grasped the understanding of the necessity for finding my voice, expressing myself, and becoming passionate about what I do.  Blogging is an excellent, easy, and most often times, free way to do so.  I strongly urge every college student to consider adding a blog to the to-do list.  If you’re serious about gaining contacts in your field, marketing yourself, and learning more about your industry, a blog is the perfect place to start.

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