Which Platform Do You Prefer – Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

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There has been a lot of discussion lately as to which social media site is the best for promoting businesses online. Every social media site has their perks, some are more popular than others.

Today, let’s discuss 3 of the most popular social platforms…

1. Facebook

While Twitter is all about what is happening right now, Facebook molds what happened 5 minutes ago to what’s happening now. Facebook gives businesses a great platform to promote their themselves.

With over 1 billion users, you can target certain people or geographic areas with your posts.  You can also promote your page through Facebook advertising (sponsored stories, Facebook ads and promoted posts).  Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business online.  You can target a specific niche for as little as a few dollars

each day.

Another great thing about Facebook’s business pages is that you can view the insights and the number of people reached with each post you make. It is helpful to a business to see the level of response and number of people seeing posts – they can take that information and determine if it’s working with their strategy.

2. Google+

Google+ recently jumped Twitter for the #2 spot in the US.  It has similarities to Facebook but there are some unique features to Google+.

I’m still new to using it but I’ve noticed a lot of good about it. First, I like how you can have people in different circles. It’s a very organized way to separate people into groups you can manage. Second, Google Hangouts are the best way to conduct group videos without having to pay any extra fees. I think this is the best feature they have so far – I love it. Lastly, I like the different pages you can make. You can create your own personal page with your own circles, a business page, as well as various communities. You can al

so join different communities and interact with others who are involved with them. The one thing I did notice about posting on Google+ while posting on ME Marketing Services, LLC and Social Media Trends for Small Businesses, is that the people are very helpful and seem to be more involved than those who I communicate with on Facebook. The feedback on Google+ is amazing and the people are always willing to help.

3. Twitter

When you tweet something, it’s all about the present.  Whether it’s promoting your business, posting photos, sharing events, it is all about what is happening right now.

There is a limit to how many characters you can use, which is great since you won’t have to expect any long posts by anyone. You can also keep up with other companies, see how they’re marketing on Twitter and see what seems to work and what doesn’t.

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So now that I’ve covered three major social media sites, which one are you more apt to use for your business?tising can be found on Twitter than on any other social media site. One of the perks about using Twitter to promote your business is that it’s free. You can make your page just like a regular profile but create it for your business and voila! You have yourself a business page that you can use to market and promote your company’s events and also spread the word to your target market.

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