Ways to Generate Leads Using Social Media

Lead generation is important in any business. Without those leads (or referrals as they are sometimes called) you would have nowhere to start. Leads (referrals) can come from friends and family or a business organization or online. You may have a portion of your clients that found you on their own but at some point every business will have to go after clients, either through advertising, social listening or your traditional sales call.

Recently I was asked by our BNI (Business Networking International) Director to list out some ways that people could use social media for referrals. As I created the list I realized that are numerous ways one could use social media for lead generation. I know I am not inventing the wheel here, but these are common ways people are using social media to generate leads.

  • Use social media to create that relationship and build trust & loyalty. Post content that shows you are an authority in your industry and you really do know what you are talking about. After time, you will have people approach you to hire you for your services. I recognize this is a long-term plan, but it’s highly effective.
  • Use Twitter’s advanced search to search phrases that relate to your industry, really listening to what the general public is searching for.
    • Example: You are an insurance agent. You go to Twitter and search “my rates are too high” or “I am so mad at my insurance agency”.  You can search worldwide or locally. Reach out to those who are complaining with a simple “Hey! I saw you are unhappy with your rates. If I can ever be of help, just let me know.” You do NOT want to start off with a sales pitch, just broach the topic gently.
  • Have a LinkedIn profile that is completed to 100% and connect with those you are in your target market. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS create a personalized connection message.  Do not use the generic, standard message.  You are trying to reach out and connect, so personalize it.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn groups – join those that are industry-relevant or those that target your target audience. Be careful not to spam or give a hard sell to these groups.  Most have rules against it.
  • Be active on social media.  The more you are out there, the more people will see you and request information for your services. If you choose not be active (and I’m sure why you would) how will people find you?
  • Take advantage of Facebook ads.  Facebook ads give you the ability to target the specific person you want to reach. Using their Power Editor can give you even more targeting options.
  • Have an opt-in on your website and promote it through social media. For those unfamiliar with opt-in, they are something of value that people will give you their email address for.
    • Example: You are in pest control. You have a place on your website for people to get a copy of a white paper you have called “10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Bug-Free”. People would give you their email address and in return, they would receive this piece. You then have their email address to contact with new customer specials, on-going offers and general information.
    • Opt-ins can be promoted with a Facebook ad directing them to sign-up on a custom tab on your Facebook page, a sponsored tweet with the link, or just a simple post on your various social media profiles.

There are many, many ways to generate leads using social media so these 7 are not the end-all. Let me ask you, how do you generate leads via social media?


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