Twitter Secrets Every Marketer Needs to Hear

Twitter Secrets Every Marketer Needs to Hear

140 characters is more than enough space to produce a clever phrase or eye-catching statement that consumers want to know more about. Twitter has grown immensely since its introduction into the social media realm. And, of course, marketers have taken full advantage of this easily accessible tool.

But, there may be a few tips that you haven’t heard before.

If your intention is to use Twitter to its fullest potential and to market your product the best way possible, then see the following four tips:

Advanced Search:

“Whether you’re trying to find people who are talking about a competitor or looking for your product, advanced search results are more relevant and useful,” according to Sprout Social. Simply stated, the simple search is great for day-to-day browsing, but the advanced option allows marketers to dig much deeper in the “twitter-sphere.”

Embeddable Timelines:

Whether you are using Twitter to promote an event or a national business, an embeddable timeline is key to allowing your consumers to see every possible detail of your product. With a simple code, you will be able to produce a twitter feed on your website or blog that displays tweets that include your own hashtag or mention. Consumers can also reply, favorite or retweet from this timeline as well!

Currently you can choose from four types of timelines:

  • User Timeline — display public tweets from any member on Twitter
  • Favorites — show all tweets you (or a specific user) has marked as favorite
  • List — shows tweets from public lists that you own and/or subscribe to
  • Search — displays customized search results in real time (perfect for live events or branded hashtags)

Keyboard Shortcuts:

The simple click of the “?” anywhere on Twitter brings up a keyboard shortcut display box to help you market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Try it out ASAP!

Social Photos:

You can now tag photos and make collages on twitter thanks to updates several months ago. You can tag up to 10 people in your photos to spread the word more efficiently, and, an added bonus, it doesn’t affect your character amount at all. Making a collage may appeal to consumers and catch their eye as they quickly scan their timeline over morning coffee. Although it does subtract 23 characters from your 140-character limit, the addition of these 1-4 photos will surely add an extra element to your twitter-tactics that your competitors may not be using.

Have you used these tools before and seen success? Or know of any other tips that you’re willing to share? Comment below with your thoughts!

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