Twitter for Holiday Marketing and What Little Birdies Are Telling Us

twitterchristmasHas a “little birdie” told you about the fast-approaching holiday marketing season yet? Several little birdies – via Twitter – are telling me about it. Many small business owners and marketers include Twitter in their marketing arsenals for lead generation, client conversations and sales throughout the year. The holiday season possibly provides organizations with even more marketing opportunities. Earlier this month, Mandy Edwards cited in her article, 8 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Business, that around 50 percent of consumers plan to purchase online this year and how 64 percent of 2,000 Twitter survey respondents said they have bought a product because of something they saw on Twitter. Wow!

Twitter recently introduced a very timely update which may be of interest to online marketers this holiday season. This new update delivers a much more “visual” stream to Twitter users, complete with previews of photos and videos. By nature, most people find themselves drawn to images, and marketers can certainly use this to their advantage. More importantly, small business owners and marketers should think of tweets with images as another beneficial way to engage and begin conversations with leads and clients.

Twitter offers small business owners and marketers so much opportunity for creative, irresistible and easy holiday marketing ideas. Using these tips should arm your business’ own “little birdies” to spread your message throughout the Twitter stream for a holiday season to remember.

Connect with shoppers who are talking about your products and/or solutions on Twitter throughout the entire year.

Doing this makes it easier to bring up holiday marketing-related conversations early enough to begin influencing their purchasing decisions.

Compose tweets with relevant, holiday-themed calls-to-action (CTA’s) which entice your Twitter followers to click on your links.

These links should then take people to your website, specific promotional ads or other relevant content.

Use analytics and/or common sense to determine how many tweets are too many – or too few – for your Twitter audience.

Like any other self-promotional tweets, small business owners and marketers need to remember to tweet their holiday-themed promotions and messages in moderation as well. Your goal is to attract and engage with current and potential clients on Twitter throughout the holiday season and beyond, rather than drive them away.

Remember to focus on your Twitter audience. It’s all about them, not you.

When you send out messages on Twitter as a business, do you primarily consider the needs of your audience? Make sure you focus your marketing efforts on your audience every day, but especially during the holidays. This sends them a message which may be one of the most important holiday messages of all – that you and your business sincerely believes in giving, rather than receiving.

Behold and implement the newest Twitter feature: imagery!

As I mentioned above, Twitter now provides images for some tweets. When composing holiday-related content for your business’ tweets, consider including attractive photos or videos to showcase your products or messages.

These are a few examples I came across in my own stream today. [Note: including these tweets does not necessarily indicate endorsement.]




I don’t know about you, but now I am really excited about the holidays. Have you used Twitter for holiday marketing or do you plan to this year? I would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations! Feel free to comment below or email me at jenn@jplussocial.com anytime.



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