True Confessions of a Social Media Professional

True Confessions of a Social Media Professional

I believe there are three types of social media professionals – the rookie, the wannabe and the actual pro.

The rookie is the kid on the block. Whether they’ve landed their first job at a company or have been hired by their first client, they are the newest ones in the field.

The wannabe is the one who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. You know, the ones who explain their lack of followers by saying they spend all their time on their clients. Yeah right.

The actual pro is the one who knows what they are doing, have a roster of clients who love them (most days), either heads up social media for a company or is at the helm at their own growing business. These are the ones you see and hear about.

It doesn’t matter what type you are, we all experience some of the same type of things at different levels. Most of us true social media pros have little things that really crawl our skin or make us want to jump and scream with excitement, but for various reasons, never muster a word about it.

That’s about to change.

Here are 10 true confessions of social media pros that we are too reluctant to say.

  • Even though we say we hate being called an “expert” or “guru”, inside we love it. Who doesn’t love being acknowledged for their work? We all say “please don’t call me an expert” when inside we are screaming “why, yes, yes I am!”.


  • We do obsess over every.single.metric. Facebook likes, retweets, you name it, we watch it like a hawk. Sometimes it will keep us up at night. We want successful campaigns for our clients so they will keep us. Providing the accurate metrics and and good ones at that, makes them happy. And if they are happy, we are happy.


  • We’re always checking up on our competition… even if we are friends with them. While every social media pro is a competitor, many of us work thousands of miles apart and have different focuses. While I like SMBs in the Southeast, you may prefer to work with local businesses in your hometown 5 states away.


  • We are consumed with rankings. We always congratulate the ones who are on them, but we all secretly feel let down when our name isn’t there. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. We see all the humblebrags when someone acknowledges they have been listed. Most are sincere, but you know the person is giddy as a schoolgirl.


  • We’ve stalked someone – an influencer, a competitor, a prospective client. Maybe you put your browser on “Incognito” to do it, but we’ve all stalked someone’s LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.


  • Automation is our savior. Yes, you cannot automate everything, but when you can, you do. Your time will thank you later. All of the bigger names in social media automate. It is impossible to post in real time 100% of the time. Try it – I dare you.


  • We’re all working on ebooks. Seriously. Some may have just outlines, some may have it in their head, but we’re all working on some part of it. This is just a part of the business. We all want something to use as an opt-in or a teaser or to have when we land that first big speaking gig.


  • We hate to see ourselves on video or listen to ourselves to podcasts. I know it creeps me out when I hear myself. Most actors, actresses and musicians hate to see or listen to themselves. We are our worst critics.


  • We love swag. It’s like Christmas when you go to your mailbox and you have a package from Canva or Sprout Social or some other company you work with. We love freebies.


  • We are VERY passionate about what we do. We love it and when something doesn’t go our way or go right for a client, we take it personally.

So there you have it – an insider’s scoop in the brains of those working in social media. Do you have a true confession?? Don’t be afraid to share it below!

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