To Share or Not to Share…

I see something really, really cool online and I want my friends to see it, so I click the ever-popular “share” button. Doesn’t matter where – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. If it’s cool, I’m going to share it everywhere. Sharing on social media has become a popular way to get opinions, let people know what is going on and pass along world events. I cannot tell you how many times I pull up Facebook and links have been shared by multiple people. Talking about something going viral.

I subscribe to MANY social media marketing and networking e-newsletters. I got one today that was of particular interest. It included this cool infographic about social media sharing. I invite you to take a look and let me know what you think. Have you seen this trend with your business or clients? Are YOUR posted items being shared? To me, it’s a huge compliment when someone shares or retweets something I’ve posted.

Take a look…

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