Top 10 Posts of 2013

shutterstock_53242639Lists.  I love lists. You’ve probably noticed that I have a lot of list posts throughout the year. They are easy to read and quite popular.

Being that we are here at the end of December, I wanted to recap the top 10 posts on the blog for this past year.

10. Why Google Plus is Good for Small Business

This post by Jenn Hanford of J+ Media Solutions, explains to use why using Google Plus is good for your business.

9. How to Measure Someone’s Social Influence

Measuring social influence is a hot topic in the social sphere. In this post I shared how I would measure influence.

8. 8 Reasons You’re Not Connecting on LinkedIn

A part of my “8 Reasons” posts, this post explored why people do not connect with others on LinkedIn.

7. How to Set Up a Social Media Strategy

This post took you step by step in setting up your plan for your business.

6. Reasons College Students Use Social Media

In her very first blog post, intern Lauren Miller shared with us ways current college students use social media.  It just may surprise you.

5. 8 Questions to Ask a Potential Social Media Manager

This post was written in 15 minutes after reading a post by a fellow social media peer.

4. 8 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

This post is actually from 2012, but still saw A LOT of views this past year. People still tweet about this post.

3. Why Your Facebook Page is Being Unliked

This was a follow-up to the article that’s #1 on this list. I explain some of the common reasons people unlike your page after liking it first.

2. Ways Social Media has Changed How We Communicate

In one of her first posts for the blog, intern Lauren Miller wrote about social media has changed communication as we know it.

1. 8 Reasons Your Facebook Page Isn’t Being Liked

I was very honored to have Mari Smith share this post with her community shortly after it was written.

In this post I share 8 common reasons people do not like Facebook pages.

Which post was your favorite?

I appreciate all of the shares, likes, tweets, comments and +1s over the past year. I am very blessed to have such a supportive community. Here’s to a fabulous 2014!

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