A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on TikTok

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on TikTok

It is no secret that TikTok is the new app that is sticking around more than just a season. TikTok is a video social media app that took off in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. While many people thought it would only be around for a short time others took full advantage of using TikTok as a marketing technique. 


How can you be successful on TikTok? 

After creating a TikTok account, discuss how often you will post. TikTok is so useful because it drives engagement and boosts your online presence if done correctly.


Create original content

Your company is unique and that should be used to your advantage on TikTok. By creating original content it not only increases your online presence but it makes others inclined to follow you along on social media. Fitness brand, Gymshark does an excellent job at creating original content. As a result they have 2.5 million followers and over 38 million likes. 


@gymsharkWe still can’t believe that @demibagby did this last year! ?? #gymshark #gymshark66 #flips? original sound – Gymshark


Utilize hashtags 

Whether you use the latest hashtags or create your own campaign through the use of one, hashtags are a great way to attract new viewers to your videos. Sour Patch Kids launched the #SourPatchPrankFund on April Fools Day to encourage others to prank their friends for an incentive. The hashtag campaign has 4.5 billion views in just under 48 hours. 



Use Influencers & Celebrities

Content creators have grown to a whole new level with the rise of TikTok. Crocs has taken full advantage of this in using celebrities such as Post Malone, Luke Combs, Justin Beiber and many more. They have too used a hashtag #StrapBack for their latest campaign which has 7.3 billion views. 


@crocsAn automatic level up when the #StrapBack is engaged. @lani.baker @afterpayusa? original sound – Crocs


Use challenges to your advantage

It is no surprise that TikTok challenges always seem to get the most engagements because of the entertainment it brings. Whether your brand starts a new challenge or participates in a trend, challenges will help your brand’s engagement! House of Highlights TikTok is full of many challenges including the following. 


@houseofhighlightsThis challenge looks fun. ? (via iamvictor__/TW)? original sound – House of Highlights



Recycle your content

What is popular on one app might not be popular on another. Instagram has recently created reels, which are essentially the same concept of TikTok videos. Since Instagram reels are new Instagram tends to push original content more. By saving your videos and posting them on both TikTok and Instagram reels you double your chances of going viral and upping your presence. 


TikTok can be daunting, especially for anyone outside of Gen Z but implementing these five tactics into your TikTok marketing strategy will give you a jump start into conquering TikTok


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