The Buzz About the New Hive

As a member of the Social Solutions Collective, I blog twice each month about what’s new in social media.  Recently, we discovered a new site called, The New Hive.  Today I’m bringing you my post from the Social Solutions Collective so you can get onboard this newest visually-based site…

A new social site debuted recently and it’s different from any site I have ever seen. This one allows you to create “expressions”.  What’s an expression you ask? According to this site, an “expression” “can be anything”. You can customize each page to look however you want by easily dragging + dropping text, images, shapes, music, sketches, video + content from other sites to lay out each expression exactly as you wish.”

So what’s this new site?  It’s called The New Hive.

I could spend hours on this site! It’s like Pinterest meets Polyvore. You can create anything – collections of quotes on a board, a collage of your children’s pictures, even an expression of your favorite clothing. Right now it’s in beta, however when you go to the site, you can request an invite. I did, and my request was accepted in literally 15 minutes.

When you log in for the first time, this is your introduction screen:


I highly suggest you watch the video in the middle – they give you a great, quick overview of the site and what to do. After I watched it, I looked through the expressions already posted…and there are a lot…


Once you’ve looked through everything, you’re ready to start! Here is where the fun happens. You can pick the text and where it goes and what size, font and color. You can upload images and a background – or use a solid color for that. The images you upload can be hyperlinked and when you are done, you can share among all of your social profiles.

I see a HUGE benefit for businesses with this new site. You can create what’s essentially an active billboard with links, videos and pictures. It’s a way to be more interactive with current and potential clients.  This could be phenomenal when you have a new product to launch – the possibilities are endless.

Expressions can be private or public and each one gets its own custom URL. Each expression operates like a customizable, portable web page.You can easily create links and buttons to connect multiple expressions together. All of your expressions are organized for you on your profile and when someone views your profile, they will see all of your public expressions.

Sign up and take it for a spin. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Oh, while I was on it, I created an expression myself.  I put it together kind of quick , so it’s not exactly how I would want it, but check it out.


Let me know if you sign up!  I would love to connect with you on New Hive!

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