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Best Practices When Measuring Your Business’ Social Media Impact

Does your organization use social media as part of its overall business development strategy? Not too long ago, simply being active on social media by making connections and engaging with followers seemed sufficient for online growth. The tide has turned though and more organizations are currently using social media in their marketing plans than ever […]

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Twitter for Holiday Marketing and What Little Birdies Are Telling Us

Has a “little birdie” told you about the fast-approaching holiday marketing season yet? Several little birdies – via Twitter – are telling me about it. Many small business owners and marketers include Twitter in their marketing arsenals for lead generation, client conversations and sales throughout the year. The holiday season possibly provides organizations with even […]

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Connecting 101: Google Plus

Google Plus arrived on the scene in late June, 2011. Although considered a social “late bloomer,” the platform made up for the lost time in a big way. A little over two years later, Google Plus continues to acquire hundreds of new users and unique visitors every month. I became an early adopter and started […]

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