Social Media for the New Year

shutterstock_93173917From trends to tricks, there has been much talk about getting your social media pages up to date in the New Year. However if you want your sites to drive action and create engagement, this is the year to be more creative than ever. As social media marketing continues to expand, your company must be unique and creative to be at the top of your customer’s interest.

2014 will be the year to stay on top of social media marketing trends because there has been such a giant leap in creating more popular ways to market products and companies. The easiest way to stay at the head of the game is to maintain engagement with your audience but to keep them active you must be on your toes with new ideas to keep them interested. Being ahead of the curve on new social media trends will show existing customers your commitment to their business, as well as being able to reach out to thousands of new clients.

Seeking new trends is not the only thing that will help your company in the New Year. Creativity is one aspect of marketing that allows customers to develop a liking for the company and shows many different ways that they can be relatable to the company. Here are a few tips to stay creative in the New Year:

Incorporate the Founder. Around the holidays it is always important to be with family and friends. Your business should be in touch with the personal side of the audience and share different things that will help them relate. Corporate interaction is necessary for some things but for the most part your business should be about individuals, by individuals.

Make it Educational. Rather than constantly throwing random information at the customers to take in, make your information educational and show them the ways your company or a company like yours will be beneficial to them. This will spark curiosity in the minds of your audience.

Give Teasers. A great way to seek interest is to give a teaser on what is “coming soon.” Whether it is showcasing a contest or coming out with a new product, customers will always by intrigued with something that they have not seen before. Use clever content or pictures to leave customers wanting more.

Expand Conversations. The easiest way to create and continue engagement is by engaging in conversation. However, this could get a bit messy on a Twitter feed or Facebook post. Pose a question on a social media platform then continue the conversation on your company’s blog.

Use Pinterest. Pinterest is a whole new way to market your company on a cite directly created for visual-based social media. It may be scary for some, but Pinterest allows more marketing, not only by you, but also by the users. This new way to share pins has allowed companies to expand their audience more than they ever could by themselves.

By keeping your company in a fresh new light fir the New Year, your customers won’t be able to look away. Coming up with new ways to engage with your customers, personally or through creative marketing strategies, will allow your company to continue to flourish after the holidays. Have you come up with any new marketing tools for the New Year?

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