Snapchat, Not Just a Medium for Selfies Anymore

Snapchat, Not Just a Medium for Selfies Anymore

Snapchat is one of the most unique social media platforms (if you choose to recognize it as one) available to the public.

Developed simply as a messaging app, these messages were not communicated by texting or calling, no, they were communicated through photos that disappeared after a maximum of 10 seconds. As you can imagine young adults and teens pounced on Snapchat making it incredibly popular. Some parents worried it would become a medium for sexting, but instead it became known as the vehicle for hideous selfie wars between best friends. However, like all forms of social media, Snapchat is evolving into a dynamic channel for advertising and marketing.

On October 21st Universal Studios released an ad over Snapchat for the new movie Ouija. The ad featured a 20 second video trailer that was designed and edited to resemble a typical Snapchat story. Although this ad is the first of its kind, there are questions that still need to be answered:

  • Is this particular ad successful enough to deliver the results desired?
  • Will Snapchat become a new form of media for advertising, marketing, and public relations?
  • What will that mean for Snapchat as an industry?

Universal Studios, the pioneers of advertising with Snapchat, were very pleased with the results of the ad. While some people were agitated by the ad, others reported actual fear from the trailer, which is the result the marketers wanted.  However, there were a few issues with the advertisement on Snapchat –

1. The advertisement disappearing after one viewing.
2. Making ads available to the public for more than one viewing.

Solving these two issues is essential to Snapchat if they wish to continue receiving offers for advertising.

So far, Snapchat has not received any form of revenue, but this new advancement could mean big bucks for the company in the future. Doug Neil, the executive vice president of digital marketing for Universal Studios refused to reveal the cost of producing the advertisement, however he implied that it was priced competitively.

Although Snapchat began as a meager messaging app, it is slowly becoming a big contender for marketing in social media. While it is too soon to predict the future of advertising with Snapchat, new advancements like transferring money and advertisments are just the first steps in its long journey to joining the “big boys” of social media. Marketers, public relations specialists, and advertisers should be keeping a keen eye on Snapchat, you never know what will turn into the next big platform.

Would you advertise with Snapchat if given the opportunity?


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