Simple Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out From the Rest

When launching a social media marketing campaign, there are several tips and tactics to remember so your company does not get mixed in with all the rest.

Here are a few short and simples ones to get you started…


Twitter is much more demanding than some other social media sites, but that just means that you have the ability to interact, follow and communicate more effectively with your audience.

One key trick to remember on Twitter is whenever someone mentions your company, make sure you send out a thank you so that they know you acknowledge their message and appreciate the share. Also, adding characters and emojis make your tweets stand out and a bit more enjoyable to read!


On Facebook, make sure your posts are sweet and simple. With the news feed updates, your audience is most likely scrolling through during their lunch break or in between meetings, so ensure that your followers will read your message without getting lost in too many words. Also, studies show that asking questions catch audiences’ attention more so than brief statements.

Google Plus

As far as Google Plus goes, you can take advantage of the ability to strikethrough, italicize, and bold. With these formatting options, you can make your posts easier to read. And they look much more professional.


For LinkedIn purposes, you can really grow and market your brand on this media site by connecting so easily. Make sure you post frequently, however. Followers will overlook companies or disregard their infrequent posts because they won’t believe them to be as credible as other companies. Post your qualifications and even resumes, as LinkedIn allows you to connect with so many people with a few simple clicks.


Understand that improvements to your brand are not simple tasks or overnight success stories. Building a brand takes time, but with these tips and other tactics found on our blog, we can lead you to building the best brand for your social media marketing needs!

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