Simple Dos & Don’ts of Social Media

Social media is a beast.  You can admit it.  There are a lot of paths to navigate on each and every platform.   You could probably google “social media” and you would get more than you wanted to know about it all – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  I have complied my list of what to do and not to do on social media.  If anything, these are simple things to do to help make your social media experience more successful.

First thing first, do fill out your profile completely!
You would be surprised how many people and businesses do not fill out their profile completely.  Add a profile or cover picture, list your website or other social media links, just please do not leave anything blank!  For me personally, if a Twitter profile is not filled out completely (they have the “egg” as their profile picture, for example), I will not follow them.  The more complete the profile, the easier you can be found and those connections can be made.

Do use continuity.
Use the same profile picture among all your profiles – that will brand you across all platforms.  Use the same description, the same links…you get it!

Do respond.  To everything.
According to an article I read the other night, All Facebook posted the statistic that 95% of all Facebook wall posts are not answered by the business they were posted on.  People want to be acknowledged.  If it’s a simple “thank you for retweeting” or a “like” on their post – respond.  Social media is all about engagement.  If not, then why is it called “social”?  You will find that the more you interact, you will build those relationships that will turn into loyal brand ambassadors!

Don’t forget about it.
The last you want to do is to open up an account then never use it again.  If you feel one platform is not for you and you are not going to use it, then don’t worry about it.  If you make the commitment to be active on a platform, be active!

Don’t spam.
The people you are engaging with want to engage with you.  Please do not put out spam links or “junk”.  Make your posts authentic and honest.  Your fans and followers will appreciate you more for it.

Don’t be offensive.
The quickest way to lose fans and followers is to go on an unprofessional tirade.  Do not use profanity.  Do not use hateful or hurtful comments.  If you have an issue with someone’s post, direct message them to talk about it.  No one wants to have someone air their dirty laundry for the world to read.

That’s my short list.  What are some dos and don’ts that you practice?  Comment below, I would love to hear them!

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