What Sets YOU Apart?

What Sets YOU Apart?

Despite all appearances, I will admit I am still figuring out what sets me apart from the next social media person. I’ll be honest, this is something I’ve struggled with for some time.

What brought this to the forefront was a phenomenal consulting call with Mark Schaefer, which was WELL worth it & you need to go follow him right now! We talked about my business and where I want to go with it. Being in business almost 3 years, I thought I knew who I was online and what I was about. I thought I had my tagline down. Then he goes and lays this question on me – “what sets you apart from other bloggers/social media consultants online?”.


Everything I thought I knew flew about who I was online went out the window. Even though I make it a point to figure out what sets my clients apart from their competitor(s), I have never really sat down and thought about how this question applies to my business. I know, I know, it’s something I should have done from the get-go.

Being honest, this is a heavy question. I know how I am alike and what I offer in services that others don’t, but what really sets me apart from Social Media Jane or Casey at Bat, Social Media Guru?

This is something ALL business owners need to think about. How are you different? What’s the defining difference between you and the next person?

Defining you takes into account many variables, such as…

– Your background
– Your previous work history
– Life experiences
– Your current life situation
– What you want to be known by or for

You may figure this out in 15 minutes or it may take you a month. No matter how long it takes, you need to define yourself and figure out what sets you apart. Here’s what I know about myself…

– Business school graduate
– Work at Home Mom
– Marketing Professional
– I live in a somewhat rural part of my state, 2-3 hours from any Metro area
– Successful (I think so) business owner
– I have a heart to serve

So how does that define me and set me apart from the next social media consultant? I’ll be honest – I don’t know. I’m still working through it. I have some ideas of how I set myself apart, but I’ve yet to come up with that one defining attribute that I believe sets me apart.

Right now, social media consultants are a dime a dozen. Figuring out what sets us apart from each other will help businesses to know who to hire. They may be looking for the corporate-type or maybe someone who is laid back. How you differentiate yourself may be the key to getting more business.

I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with 🙂

Do you know what sets you apart? I’d love to hear how you define yourself online!


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