The Resurrection of Facebook

Ask any adult and they will tell you that my generation is ruled by technology and social media. As ashamed as I am to admit it, it is entirely true. We are the generation that composes our thoughts into codes using abbreviations and hashtags. We snap photos of ourselves and send them to friends, so they can be lost forever in a matter of seconds. We share pictures of our friends via Instagram, and plan for our futures pinning on virtual boards, praying that someday our dreams will come true.

Contradictory to what most believe, the college generation has not abandoned Facebook. If anything, it has been resurrected. Upon completing my freshman year, I have personally witnessed the revival of Facebook in the lives of college students.

Throughout my years of high school I watched as students sat at their desks and lunch tables exploring the mysterious realm that I like to call the “Twittersphere”. Documenting their every thought, constantly tweeting, subtweeting, retweeting, favoriting, and following, Twitter reigned over my high school and dethroned Facebook as the king of social media.

However, this all changed once I entered college.

On my second day of class I received invitations to join and like approximately thirty different pages on Facebook, and was bombarded with almost 200 friend requests from the girls of the sorority I had just pledged. Throughout the year this activity only increased. Pages pertaining to philanthropy events, parties, percentage nights at local restaurants, concerts, sorority events, they all flourished across my News Feed. I was amazed at how my peers utilized this tool to truly connect people to what was going on.  I found Facebook to be more personable, and credible. Though Twitter is a remarkable tool, how much can you really say in 140 characters?

Raised by a group of college students, it is only fitting that Facebook be sustained and resurrected by the college generation. A generation that is much more than a collection of hashtags and retweets, we have revolutionized how we connect to one another.

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