The Pressure of Blogging & a New Approach

The Pressure of Blogging & a New Approach

The blogging struggle is real. No, seriously, it is.


In the world of digital marketing, you’d think blogging would be easy with thousands of topics to write about. Well, it’s not. Why? Because if you google every topic, you’ll find thousands of others who have chimed in with why their approach is the right one. I won’t even go into how-to posts as well. You can only reinvent the wheel so many times before it’s so saturated nothing stands out.


So that is why the struggle is real.


2016 is year 5 for ME Marketing Services. I’ve had great success with this blog, providing opinions and how-tos for the world of social media marketing. But I’ve gotten bored with it. Or maybe the pressure of figuring out what to write has gotten to me. Either way, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. We’re not going anyway, so don’t worry about that 😉


I’m more of an op-ed person. I like to read things and then give my opinion on the matter. How-tos and 101 posts are great and helpful, but you can’t really get into the meat of things with those. A lot of times those posts are just merely fluff. Content we publish should provide value. How-tos and 101 provide value for those just learning things, but rarely do they inspire more thought-provoking comments and conversations. That’s what I want to get to.


So I’ve said I want to make a change. Been there and done that with the how-tos and 101’s (you can search them on this site if you want to read them). I want to get more into the meat of matter – inspire thought-provoking and slightly debatable conversation. Some posts may be 200 words, some may be 2000, but my goal is to provide more meaty content. We may have a post a week or more or less. Let’s pick apart what’s going on in the world of marketing (on and offline). Let’s discuss what changes are going on and how they ultimately affect us.


This decision has been coming for a while. In a conversation with the amazing Mark Schaefer back in May 2014 he encouraged me to find my voice in the blogosphere. I had an inkling of what that voice was but it never really seemed to work itself out. Maybe as you get older, you get more bolder, willing to put a voice out there that may not be what everyone else is doing, but you know what? That’s okay. We’re all different in our approaches and mannerisms, so so what if I write like I talk? Or can be a total smart ass sometimes. That’s me, take it or leave it.


As I look ahead to 2016 and what year 5 looks like, it’s time to make that change and have a fresh approach to my writing. Less mashed potatoes and more steak.


Sound good?

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