Why Some People Just Don’t Cut it in Social Media

Why Some People Just Don't Cut it in Social MediaI have a confession. I just unfriended people on Facebook and unliked over 400 Facebook pages.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most people go through their social media accounts often and remove pages and people that just do not fit where they are in life or business anymore. As I was going through the various Facebook Pages I had liked, I saw pages of people and businesses I met when I first started and almost 75% of them are no longer in business.

Sad? Yes. Was it a surprise? Not really. Working in the social media marketing world is not for the faint of heart.

I hate to see businesses fail. I know how much time, energy, love and money go into running a business. However, there are some who just are not cut out to be business owners.

So, why do some people just not make it in social media?

1. They don’t take the time to educate themselves and fall behind.

Social media is ALWAYS changing and it is a lot to keep up with. If you are not dedicated to staying up on the latest trends, TOS (Terms of Service) changes and new features, you can bet your competitor is and they will take advantage of that. If you follow any of the big names in social media, you will see how they keep up with everything. Now, they may have a team that does it for them, but they do know what is going on.

2. They have no marketing or sales background/experience.

Okay, I know I’ll take some heat with that statement, but not everyone is a born marketer. I know people who have decided to start handling social media for businesses because they REALLY love to post on Facebook. Next thing you know, they hit the streets running with no idea what they are doing or any sense of what marketing really is. Out there in the world, I’m sure there are successful people in this industry with no marketing experience, but let’s admit it, that’s not common. The ones I’m referring to have no idea what to do in a sales call or that social media marketing is more than just posting to Facebook.

3. They could never figure out who their target market was.

This is something a lot of business owners struggle within this industry. Do you want to serve everyone or one particular niche? Many just float along until they just give up or get fed up.

4. Something better came along.

This is the scenario that fits most. A better job offer came along and they completely abandoned what they were doing (including leaving clients high and dry).

5. Poor client management/relationship skills.

This, unfortunately, I’ve seen first hand from clients coming to me because they were unhappy with who they were currently working with. I can guarantee just about everyone working in the social media marketing world has had this happen to them – you get an inquiry from someone who is unhappy with their current social media consultant. Communication skills are VERY important in this field. No communication skills = no clients.

Of course, there are many reasons and circumstances that would keep someone from making it in this field. The reasons listed above can actually be applied to more than just the social media marketing industry. I do truly wish all business owners the best!

Have you seen people you met with you started fade out? Why do you think they did?

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