Networking Post-Pandemic

Networking Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed a lot, even down to the way we interact with one another. The days of networking events, meetups over coffee, and so many other traditional networking avenues have seemingly become few and far between. How do we network post pandemic as we are still navigating social distancing guidelines? 


Connect on commonalities 

Networking apps such as LinkedIn have been a huge hand in the midst of the pandemic. Through LinkedIn you can connect with others based on shared places of employment or universities. This is a great way to connect with fellow alumni through the means of social media. 


Have informative conversations

After being in a lockdown for over a year many people are craving conversations. After connecting with professionals simply ask them if they’d be willing to give you a few minutes of their time for you to ask them some questions. Consider asking them for a virtual coffee chat. Through intentional conversations with other professionals you can expand your knowledge about the industry you’re pursuing. 


Work on building your personal brand 

What’re you known for? Are you presenting that well on social media or on a website? In a remote world where interviews are even taking place over zoom, many companies and professionals are checking your personal platforms for background information. It is important to not only consider if your social media is appropriate but also if your social media represents you and your personal brand. 


Update people on your life in the pandemic

When connecting with others post pandemic let them know what you’ve been up to in the midst of the pandemic. Did you navigate college classes in a pandemic? Put more work into your social media? Start a blog, a business or a podcast? This is something Gen Z did well during the pandemic. Here are just a few examples of people I personally know who used the extra time during the pandemic to their advantage.





What’re some useful networking tips you’ve found to work well for you during this pandemic? 


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