How Millennials are Responding to Marketing in the Wake of COVID-19

How Millennials are Responding to Marketing in the Wake of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused a huge change in the world, creating a new normal for everyone, including businesses and consumers. From businesses staying closed to protect their employees, and customers to buying toilet paper to the point of it running out in every store in town, coronavirus has definitely made an impact.


Marketing during the pandemic crisis is new for almost all businesses. Companies have had to find a way to creatively market to their audiences without being open for business. It has definitely been a time for trial and error, as this is a new uncertain time for everyone.


As companies closed, many posted on social media that they are still here for their customers during this difficult time, and will let everyone know when they are opening back up. Now, after a few months, businesses are reopening their doors for the public, assuring their customers that they will be following the guidelines that have been put into place to keep everyone safe.


But how are people responding to this marketing in the wake of COVID-19?


The Millennial and Gen-Z population are most worried about the economy. According to Social Media Today, there are more millennials that are concerned about finances, finding a job, and their favorite businesses reopening, than a resurgence of COVID-19.


Millennials have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak financially, as they have experienced massive job losses as a result of social distancing and quarantining. This has not only affected their personal lives, but also the economy as a whole because of the changes in income and purchasing habits.


Social Media Today also shared that nearly two-thirds of Millennials are saying they’re buying different brands than what they bought before the pandemic, mostly due to availability and price. Online shopping has also exposed consumers to new product options, encouraging them to try new brands.


Here are four ways COVID is affecting Millennial and Gen-Z consumers:

millennials covid affect


Online marketing has allowed companies to still be prevalent during social distancing and quarantine as marketers target messages towards keeping their audiences safe and discovering ways to promote their brand or products.


Millennials have been more active online during quarantine, and online marketing has been a great way to reach them during these changing times.


Here are a few ways businesses have used marketing effectively in the digital world:

  • Offering quick, inexpensive deliveries or pick ups


  • Posting timely, relevant content to keep consumers updated






























  • Adding ways to book appointments virtually


As businesses are opening, online marketing is still essential in reaching both millennials and other generations. Promoting open businesses, the times they are open, the guidelines they will be following, yet still offering virtual help and online purchasing are just a few ways to keep individuals informed about businesses during this still very uncertain time.



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