ME Marketing’s Top Posts of 2012

Okay, I will admit it.  I’m a sucker for year-end countdowns and lists.  I will listen to the radio the last week of the month while they count down the top songs of the year.  I read list posts like they are going out of style.  I even have a dream of being listed on a Forbes list.  You get the picture.

2012 was a great year for ME Marketing Services.  I blogged on average twice a week for the whole year!  I had a few posts that got so much traffic they crashed my site while ones I thought would get a lot of retweets got none… but that’s the life!

In the spirit of closing down 2012, I am presenting my year-end countdown: The ME Marketing Services’ Top Posts of 2012. The resulting posts got the most traffic according to Google Analytics.

Some of you are new to my site and some have been with me since the beginning.  Some have read these and some may be seeing them for the first time.  Either way, enjoy!

The ME Marketing Services’ Top Posts of 2012

 8 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter (this one crashed my site)

Guest Post: Build a Loyal Audience with These 5 Types of Blog Posts

Facebook Can Ruin Your Life

8 More Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

3 Programs to Effectively Manage Twitter

The 10 Commandments of Social Media Etiquette

How to Measure Someone’s Social Media Influence

Top 10 Social Media Tips

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

3 Keys to Promoting a Small Business Online

My most popular Social Media Q&A post was Episode 14, “How do I use Twitter Lists?”

What kind of lists do you like?  Year end countdowns?  Top 10s?  Share with me!

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