What Marketing Looks Like Post-Pandemic

What Marketing Looks Like Post-Pandemic

There is no doubt that this pandemic has made a major change in “normal” life. The repercussions of COVID-19 will most likely continue for at least a few years after this whole thing is over, as it has affected the whole economy.
Whether it’s watching Netflix or online purchasing, digital consumption has increased a large amount throughout this time of quarantine. According to Corey Quinn at Scorpion, for most entertainment and communication platforms, the migration toward mobile and digital, which has been taking place for years, has accelerated due to the current circumstances – giving us a look at emerging behavior that could stick around for the future.


Quinn shared that this is the start of a transition period which means brand-building is even more vital. Companies who have shown how they’re protecting customers against the threat of the virus have a higher percentage of buyers than those who have not done so.

post-pandemic marketing


Although there are changing circumstances of COVID every day, businesses are beginning to reopen, taking high precautions with the “what ifs” in mind. Companies and businesses are ensuring that their employees wear masks, tables and lines are socially distanced 6 feet apart, and anyone with COVID-like symptoms does not enter their facility.


Of course we don’t know when all of the constant uncertainties of COVID-19 will end, but what might marketing look like post-pandemic?


According to Sprout Social, you should always put yourself in the shoes of your audience. It is important to be mindful of the needs and struggles your audience is going through during these times, even after the pandemic. Social listening can help you gauge consumer sentiment and identify what is at the top of your audience’s mind.


Forrester shared that consumers are seeking out brands that care. When consumers find brands that prioritize the customer, they are more likely to reward them with preference, advocacy and trust.


Implementing a plan and keeping your audience informed of the safety precautions your business is following as businesses open is one of the most important things companies should be doing after the pandemic.
Starbucks, for example has banned the use of reusable and “for here” cups, proving that their brand is willing to reassess its own practices even if it means making a financial hit – but they will still honor the discount for customers who bring personal cups to the register.


Starbucks is also keeping their customers and partners updated by frequently sharing updates of what they are doing to keep everyone safe throughout this rough time.


Sprout Social shared that it’s important to demonstrate the “human side” of your brand and embrace meaningful connections with your audience. Show them that your brand values their consumers above all else.


Keeping constant communication with your audience is important to show not only that you care about them and their continued safety after COVID but also allows you to keep them updated on your business and the adaptations and precautions that will be put into place to ensure their safety.

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