Marketing to Millennials on Social Media

Marketing to Millennials on Social Media

Generation Y, The Global Generation, or Millennials as some might call us have become very tech-savvy.

We are constantly checking our Twitter feeds or checking our Instagram and Facebook. We have become so attached to our smartphones that when people tell us to put them away for a 55 minute class, we freak out.

Why is it that we do that?

The constant need to communicate with others. The average Millennial checks their phone about 43 times a day. Isn’t that insane?!? We have gotten so attached to our devices that it has become almost impossible to communicate face-to-face, let alone market products to our generation.

So what are businesses to do? Reach us through social media.

Millennials pay attention to advertisements that pop up on our smartphones or devices while we are using our daily apps or ones that are very attractive to the eye.

Here are 3 ways businesses could (and should) market products to millennials through our devices:

  • Place ads on our Twitter feeds through specific targeting.
  • Advertise promotions on Instagram.
  • Reach us on our apps we use for musical purposes. For example, certain companies have paid Spotify and Pandora to place their advertisements in between a few songs in hopes of targeting the younger consumer.

Social Media has become our link to the outside world. Most of us don’t even watch the news on Television anymore; we look it up on our smartphones. Why? It’s easier and more convenient for us due to the fact that we are always on the move. My opinion is that businesses could (and should) start transitioning from television advertisements to social media advertisements when trying to market to the Global Generation.

Here are the three main suggestions I would give businesses for marketing to millennials –

  • Tailor content so it’s relevant to us. What we like to read is not the same as what our parents read.
  • Acutally use your social media accounts. Many businesses set them up and never use them.
  • Create interesting and sharable content that can be viewed on any mobile device. Make sure your website is responsive. There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to read an article and we have to enlarge our screens to read it. It needs to be easy for us to read.

Millennials are most prone to respond to content that is relevant and interesting. Our attention span is short, so it’s important to have a great, eye-catching message.

How do you market to millennials for your business?

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