Lead Generation: Increase Your Social Media Reach

01 (219)I always think of the philosophical debate about the tree in the forest when I write about why brands should increase their social media reach. You know the debate: whether a tree falling in the forest makes a sound if no one is there to hear it.  As a brand or business, you may be producing the best content ever. But how effective are your words and messages going to be for lead generation when they fail to reach your target market?  

Many businesses produce online content such as blog posts, infographics, images or videos for the implicit purpose of lead generation. When more people share your words and messages, it becomes more likely for someone in your target market to view them. One of the first steps you should consider taking to increase lead generation for your business is to increase your social media reach.

The following actions have helped other companies and brands increase their reach online through social media.

Promote social sharing and following options for lead generation

You can easily find many plugins and software applications online that add social sharing buttons to your website and blog. You can usually install most of these quickly and easily, depending on the website and blogging platform you use. The purpose these social sharing buttons serve is to help broadcast your content all over the Internet, directly from your website. The more relevant and appealing your content is, the more likely people will be motivated to share it. As I mentioned above, more sharing means more people in your target market view your content, which contributes to increased lead generation.

Add social media buttons to your email signatures

Whether you are a solopreneur, an employee in a large corporation or somewhere in between, you may consider adding your company’s social links to your email signature. Doing this provides your email recipients the opportunity to connect with your organization’s social media accounts. Exclaimer.com sums it up well by saying, “Adding a ‘Follow’ or ‘Tweet’ button below every staff email signature brings customers, leads and everyone your company knows into your social sphere.” Email is an ideal way to gather a social media following and accomplish more lead generation. This is especially true when you have existing relationships with the people who receive your correspondence on a regular basis.


What activities have helped you effectively increase your company’s social media reach? Have you noticed an increase in lead generation? I would love to hear your comments or opinions. Leave your comments below or tweet me at @jennghanford anytime.

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