Instagram Story Ideas for Your Business

Instagram Story Ideas for Your Business

Instagram Stories are not a new way to share on the platform, but have been growing in popularity. Different components offered on the Instagram Story feature make stories stand apart from individual posts. Components on the Instagram Stories include interactive polls, attachments of links, question boxes, eye catching gifs and music. 


The proof of just how popular Instagram Stories are can be found in the statistics. Over 500 million people use, watch or interact with the Instagram Stories every day. This is a large number of people who your business could be reaching. 


The use of Instagram stories is a great addition to traditional content because it allows the users to communicate and engage with the brand. Features on the Instagram Stories allow for brands to ask questions to their audience. Stories are easily customizable for each individual brand. 


The question box feature is a great way for brands to become more personal in their marketing tactics. This feature can allow customers and followers to ask questions and directly interact with their audience. The questions can be about a specific product or service. The question boxes can be easily customized on each story depending on the brand and what they offer. Adding interactive aspects to Instagram Stories makes each story stand apart from the rest. 



Depending on the organization and the content they post this can be a fun and different way to share content. Stories can include sales and special offers for boutique or before and after shots of a project for a company who offers a service. Over 35% of users are more interested in a product or brand after they have viewed an Instagram Story. 


Delta Airlines has done a great job of creating interactive stories that include features like the question box. Below is a series they created where theri audience can ask questions directly to a Delta Airlines Pilot. 



With the addition of Instagram Stories, brands can become more personable, fun and relatable to the brands target audience. Adding the use of Instagram stories to your marketing efforts are a great way to step up your marketing material. 


How are you using Instagram Stories for your business?



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