How Instagram Just Gave Your Company a Leg (and a Foot) Up

How Instagram Just Gave Your Company a Leg (and a Foot) Up

Instagram is becoming the new hotspot for social media marketing and attracts users of any and all ages, from your three year old to your 93 year old mother in law.

Nevertheless, Instagram accounts for businesses are sprouting all over the app, and they will not be going anywhere after the new advertising option.

Instagram just added the new ad option of “Carousel Ads,” which means that businesses can now post a slideshow of photos with the last photo being a link to their site. “Instagram has accomplished what all advertisers have been waiting for, an opportunity to get leads and conversions from the platform,” according to Margot da Cunha of WordStream.

In a simpler version, basically Instagram now allows companies the ability to have a multipage campaign straight to users’ cell phones. Brilliant.

The only downside at the moment for Instagram is that they do not allow just any company to utilize this tactic, simply because of how new it is. But, we are hoping that after other companies have success with the carousel ad option, they will open it up to the entire public.

In the meantime, if you cannot access this account option just yet, we suggest continuing your Instagram campaign and promotions just as you have because, the larger your audience, the better chance you will have in the future to receive success from this option.

With all of these new improvements, we can also tell you that social media, hashtags, pictures, slogans and branding are not going anywhere fast. In fact, they are becoming more prevalent than ever and definitely will be growing in upcoming months and years.

Happy blogging, posting, hashtagging & Instagraming! Let us know what you think about this new option!

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