“I’m sorry but that’s a higher coaching level question.” WTH?

Okay, so once I was in this social media person’s Inner Circle and had a question I was seeking an answer to. Since I was paying to be part of this group, naturally this was the first place I would ask. This person was knowledgeable and I thought would answer my question (like I said, I was PAYING to be in the group).

WRONG. Like, so very wrong.

I posted my question and this was their response… “I’m sorry but that’s a higher coaching level question.”  WTH? I am paying this person to be in their Inner Circle and they won’t answer my question? Instead, they wanted me to pay over $1500/month to be in this higher level coaching program to get my question answered.

I’m sorry, but if you have a question about social media, you deserve to have it answered – no matter how simple or advanced it is. I’m not going to tell you how to do it, I do have a business to run after all, but I will answer you and point you in the right direction. Any respectable social media professional will do that – not answer like what I got above.

Around that same time I started my Social Media Q&A video series. I got a great response, but time eventually led to it’s demise. I love serving others  – I have a servant’s heart, so I didn’t want to just let it all die. I took about a year off from it and now and debuting a new blog Q&A series, Ask Mandy!

This is a new blog series where I will answer your most pressing social media questions. The goal is for a new post to publish every Tuesday, but bear with me if it drifts to Wednesday. I do have two daughters and a business to take care of as well 🙂

So how will it work?

You can submit your questions HERE 24/7/365 and just look for the new post each week! The best way to keep up with it each week is to subscribe to my blog via my RSS feed. They will also be posted to all of my social media accounts, so you can look there as well.

I hope you enjoy the series – I’m VERY excited about it!! So let’s get started by submitting your questions NOW!

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