How to Use Facebook’s New Post Scheduling Feature

This week I have a guest post over on assistsocialmedia.com.  Liz and Angela were sweet and invited me to post on their awesome page.

The article is “How to Use Facebook’s New Post Scheduling Feature.”  It will take you step by step on how to use this great new feature!

Here’s a sample of the article…you can read the entire article here.

How to Use Facebook’s New Post Scheduling Feature

In the last week Facebook unveiled a super cool new option on their Business Pages – a post scheduling feature.  This allows those who are not using social media management software they option to schedule their posts for future times.

Why should we be excited about this?  For one, it helps small business owners.  In order to schedule posts before, you had to use a social media management program, which range from free to $1000/month+.  If the business owner didn’t want to do that, he/she had to sit and post in real time.  Trust me, that was not their priority or first-choice.

Now that Facebook has given page administrators this option, it opens up to better use of time on business pages.

A good majority of people are not aware of how to use this new feature, so I am going to walk you through it!

Read the rest of the article here.

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