How to Get the Most From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the one social platform that mystifies people. I know people who are not on it because they are clueless, meanwhile, the professional world uses it as a hiring tool and a platform to connect with other professionals.

I think it is one platform that we all should be on. If you a business professional, business owner or even job- seeker, you need to be on it. For one, it makes you more searchable. When I type my name into Google, my LinkedIn profile shows up before my website!

If you have a profile set up but not sure where to go from here, let me share with you some ways to optimize your profile to its fullest…


When people search for you or others in your industry, what do they type?  “Accounting”, “money management” or “bookkeeping help” if you are an accountant?  What about “art”, “unique” or “one of a kind” if you are a jeweler?  These keywords are very important.  You want to list in your title, your summary and all your job experiences the keywords that will get you found.

For me, as a social media consultant, I consider my top keywords “social media consultant”, “social media strategist” and “social media manager”.  In the picture below, see the areas that I placed those…

Detailed Descriptions

You want to put as much information here as possible.  When people search LinkedIn, they want someone who knows what they are doing.  Having a completely filled out profile with what you do and what you’ve done is essential.  You also want to incorporate your keywords here too.  Take a look…

























LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with peers.  There are thousands of groups to choose from.  There are also a lot that are inactive, so you want to make sure you are in an active group.  Within these groups, you can connect with others along with participating in discussions.

If you implement what I have listed out, you will be more searchable and have the fullest LinkedIn profile. After all, if you cannot be found, how will people know you are there?

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn!


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