Holiday Marketing & Social Media

shutterstock_159153635Before interning for ME Marketing Services, I knew social media was a huge part of today’s business world but I didn’t realize just how important it really is. Reading the articles that I have posted on all different aspects of social media has been very interesting to me and I learn something new every single day.

By using the social media sites, businessmen and women can find out what others are thinking, find out how people are reacting whether positive or negative, and respond in a matter of seconds. One article discussed how Ben and Jerry’s reached over 10% of the world’s population using ONE campaign, #FreeConeDay. That absolutely blew me away when you actually take a second and break down the numbers: a social reach of 700 million, a 48% retweet rate, and it was trending in 48 cities on Twitter.

Other articles I have enjoyed more recently have been the articles about using social media marketing during the holidays. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, it is important for companies to start preparing their holiday social media marketing. It makes perfect sense that during the holiday season, it is important for companies to be very active on social media, since the majority of shoppers are on the web shopping for gifts. I love how the articles talk about making holiday competitions and offering free resources, coupons, prizes, etc. I think being fun with your social media sites is a great way to promote your business and since it will be here before we know it, start now!

Social Media has completely changed the world we live in. For companies to stay competitive, they must fully embrace this new era and make sure they are aware of all the changes in social media every day. Social media marketing is a crucial part of having a successful company and I have really enjoyed digging deeper into this phenomenon over the past month and a half. I encourage all to read all the articles available all over the web about these topics!

Where do you go to read about how to use social media for your holiday marketing?

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