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Holiday Marketing Blunders

A marketer’s job is never done. Especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is easy to make simple mistakes when it comes to marketing. Though it is good to get into the spirit of the season and have fun, you must not forget a business is at stake. Simple marketing blunders made during the holidays can thwart your marketing plan for life. So, let’s talk three simple ideas to keep it festive but not lose business during the holidays.


1) Neglecting or ignoring social media during the holiday season

Social media is a proven game-changer for many small businesses. In some ways, holiday marketing on social media can be considered a year-round activity. If you’re absent before and during the holiday season though, people may forget all about you. Out of sight, out of mind. Being available for your audience helps build trust and name recognition, which may help your business when it’s time for them to make their purchasing decisions.

There are several good ways to let your audience know that you’re feeling festive and ready for the holiday season. For example, you can spruce up your Facebook and Twitter headers and cover photos with holiday graphics and themes. This spreads the holiday cheer and helps your audience get into the holiday spirit as well.


2) Making poor choices when sending holiday marketing emails

Email marketing can be a small business owner’s best friend any time of the year. It’s a popular and often effective choice for reaching your audience, especially during the holidays. However, you’ll definitely want to avoid making email mistakes such as the following, especially during the holiday season. Otherwise, you may risk losing potential clients down the road:

  • Spamming
  • Being overly promotional in your subject line
  • Using incorrect or broken links to your website in your email
  • Being an “unidentified” sender
  • Including too much unrelated or useless content within the body of your email


3) Failing to remember your loyal customers during the holiday season

While you’re making plans to boost your business’ sales during the holidays, make sure you reach out to your current clients, too. You may already be regularly contacting them, and handling any of their questions and/or issues, throughout the year. The holidays make a perfect time to show them how much you appreciate them for doing business with you. Failing to remember them may result in their leaving you for another organization who will show them the appreciation they deserve.


Ready or not, the holiday season is here! Go after your goals but don’t lose valuable clients in the process. A couple months of “fun” can tank your business if you are not careful. So, go after it, be festive and keep those customers this holiday season!


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