Hashtag Your Way to Success

Hashtag Your Way to Success

Have you ever been browsing the web and suddenly come across a hashtag or even a post that you hadn’t expected to find?

Do you ever sway from your initial search and wander over to the other sites because of those hashtags?

Fortunately for you, this situation has happened to the best of us. And most companies use this knowledge and tactic to attract consumers and website-goers. Hashtags are the perfect way to capture the user’s attention, and they can even help spark your business and earn even more site action.

There are, however, keys to creating the perfect hashtag that will grasp the attention of consumers that wouldn’t have regularly browsed to your site.

Some of those tips can be found below:

    1. Promote the hashtag whenever possible: online, offline, word of mouth, etc.: Use the hashtag in each of your posts, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platform out there. The more the hashtag can be circulated throughout the web, the more potential it has for new consumers to see it and direct their attention to your site. Even in everyday conversation, mention the hashtag and explain its function. If it’s catchy enough, it will stick in their mind and encourage them to venture over to your sites in their free time and increase traffic to your site.
    2. Engage in advertisements promoting the hashtag:  Whether it be over the radio, posters, flyers, advertisements, or any other form of promotion, always use the hashtag next to your business. The more consumers can associate your business with the hashtag, the more likely they are to recall your brand over other, more common businesses that lack in the hashtag department.
    3. Hold contests/ promotions regarding the hashtag: Users today are all about getting the most out of businesses as possible, and this includes participating in contests and promotions whenever possible. Thus, encourage the sharing and use of your hashtag but having consumers share, like, retweet, re-pin, and simply use your hashtag with a small incentive involved. Any added usage of your hashtag can only benefit your company and will work in both you and your consumers’ favor.
    4. Use the hashtag in many forms before releasing: Although every great ideas must start small, we believe it would be most beneficial for your business to use the hashtag and slowly begin to release it than to just suddenly release the new idea without much use before. If consumers can search the hashtag and see countless posts and traffic involved with the hashtag, it will increase your credibility. Thus, start slowly involving the hashtag in multiple platforms before running a promotion or ad regarding the hashtag.
    5. Make sure it doesn’t already exist: The worst case scenario for any business owner would be a hashtag or promotion that even slightly resembles that of another business in your field. If users can’t seem to differentiate from your phrase and your competition’s you only have a 50/50 chance of attracting the traffic to your site. This being said, do ample amounts of research before simply thinking of a catchy phrase and immediate posting it on your sites.

We hope you find this advice helpful and want to hear your feedback! Comment back and tell us your newest hashtag or most recent promotion strategy!

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