How to Grow Your Followers with Social Media Marketing

How to Grow Your Followers with Social Media Marketing

So, you have your base and foundation on your social media accounts, but now it’s time to grow your business and increase your market and followers. How do you even begin? Below, we will introduce 7 ideas oh how you can improve your content and, thus, increase your followers with simple tasks!

#1 – Increase presence in more markets.

Because dozens of other sites are apparent in the social media world besides Facebook and Twitter, it’s incredibly important to have posts not only on these sites but others, such as Google+ and Pinterest. You never know where your next follower will be spending his or her time, so post wisely and frequently!

#2 – Tailor your content.

You may be posting often and wisely, but are you actually tailoring your content? Did you post the same topics on your latest tweet that you posted on Facebook a few hours ago? That’s a social media marketing no-no! Ensure that you’re gathering new followers on all sites by re-thinking your posts and tailoring them. A 140 character tweet should not be copied and pasted as your Facebook status, for example.

#3 – Tell stories.

Your followers want to be interested in your posts, and you don’t want them to just overlook your posts with everyone elses. So, instead of selling things, tell stories to show them why your content is better than your competitions.

#4 – Share pins, graphic content & videos.

Pinterest is evolving, and so are sites such as Instagram-video and Vine, so make sure your posts aren’t just using words but using videos and graphics to entice users with new content!

#5 – Contests & Promotion.

Everyone likes free stuff. We hear that phrase all the time, but it’s never been more true in the social media world. Basically everything is free online, so why not attract even more followers by offering more free items on your free sites? Makes sense, right?

#6 – Put extra focus on social media.

There are ways to market your content outside of the social media world, of course, but the base of your followers will begin online and then trickle down. Not the other way around like it used to. Thus, post, post & post some more! Give your online content even more thought so you can attract new users everyday!

#7 – Respond, respond, respond.

Interaction is key! Your followers are most likely sick of sitting behind a glass screen interacting with themselves and some words and pictures, so give them something else to do. Respond to their comments and posts and let them realize that you’re actually a real person behind that glass, too!


We hope these seven tips help you dig even deeper into your marketing plan and further your efforts on your social media sites! Let us know how these help!

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