Google Drive: The Best Bang for Your Buck

Google-Drive-indir-Google-Drive-kullan?m?Google-Drive-indir-Google-Drive-kullan?m?screenshots_drive_1There are plenty of apps available for sharing for your business. Some of the most effective apps, however, come at a cheaper price than most would expect.

Building on Google Docs, Google’s latest Drive app allows for users to effortlessly port and edit files anywhere from a PC to a tablet to a smartphone. Google Drive has a fully featured office suite with a full cloud drive allowing users to store any type of file accessible to a web interface.

According to Google Support, Google apps is already the top choice for small business webmail. Really who doesn’t have a Google account by now? Google moves to continue its success in the cloud storage arena with the availability of Google Drive.

One of the best features about Google Drive is the storage option. By default, each individual user with a Google account receives ‘Google Apps free edition’ storage of 15 GB. With this amount of free storage, users find that they are able to upload and share Google Drive files, Gmail, and even web albums with other users. However, if users need additional storage space, there are cheap options for increasing quota, with some plans starting at just $2.49 per month.

Google Drive is great for any document that will require internal or external collaboration. This is ideal for businesses that share documents back and forth between each other and clients. For documents that are designed for routine updates, Google Drive allows for simple means of editing.

Another plus for Google Drive, users can search through presentations, documents, spreadsheets, files, shared items and more with Google Drive. By tapping into Google’s search engine, Google Drive makes it possible to scan and search documents for text and images as well.

Sure there are other storage and sharing platforms, but for the most bang for your buck, Google Drive has proven to offer more available free storage up front, cheaper plans, and significantly more space for much less.

Do you use Google Drive for your business?

Later this month, I’ll compare this with another online storage option – DropBox.

Photo Source: Creative Commons via Google Images

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