How to Gain Followers on Twitter

How to Gain Followers on Twitter

Do you have Twitter followers that aren’t very relevant to your industry? Do they seem random?

Twitter ads can help you gain followers, but sometimes the problem (like with Facebook advertising) is that these followers are not quite relevant to your industry or business. So what are some ways to gain quality Twitter followers without spending money on Twitter Ads?

There are over 30 million articles on the web about gaining Twitter followers and many of them give some great ways to increase your following. Here are some ways I prefer to use to gain quality, relevant Twitter followers:

  • Take some time and look at people’s profiles or their content to figure out who is relevant to your industry. Once you’ve identified these people, follow them and even try to interact with them. For example, find a person that writes blog posts relevant to your content, re-post one of their articles and tag them.
  • Make a list of the top influencers on Twitter in your field. Twitter lists are wonderful – you can keep them private or make them public. Create a list to place your top influencers on. Once you have the list, try to interact with these people. At first, they may ignore you but with persistence they’ll most likely interact with you, helping you gain recognition.
  • Monitor key words relevant to your industry and search for tweets that include these words. You can also connect with people who have similar interests to your target audience using the free service ManageFlitter. This service allows you to search for key words in peoples bios and then follow them. ManageFlitter is a program we here at ME Marketing use quite frequently.
  • Add a Twitter icon to your email signature with a hyper-link to your page. This way, people you’re emailing can easily find you on Twitter or even Facebook. Make sure your Twitter and other social media accounts are easily accessible from your website with a social media bar at the top of the webpage.
  • Join a Twitter chat to interact with other users who are in your same industry. Twitter chats happen every day for all different fields and interests. Find one related to you and start networking. iSocialfanz has a great page about Tweet Chats. Brian Fanzo, who is iSocialFanz (you can follow him here) even has a calendar of marketing-related Tweet Chats that you can subscribe to and participate in.

Don’t forget to give your followers a reason to follow you, become follow-worthy by continuously posting about useful and informative industry topics. Make sure you’re posting content that is worth publishing and that your targeted audience will be interested in.

Gaining industry relevant followers on Twitter doesn’t happen overnight but it can make a huge impact on the social media success of your business.

What are some ways you use to gain quality followers?

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