The First Step to Success in Social Marketing

The First Step to Success in Social Marketing

I have figured out the key to success for social media marketing!

Sounds like some slimy sales pitch you’d hear on TV, right?

Well, maybe so, but after some years in this industry, the main key to any social success is simple.

It’s know your purpose, know your “why”.

Simple enough, right? Not really.

Knowing your “why” in using social media is the one crucial element that will make or break your social media marketing.

Knowing your “why” is knowing your purpose in using social media for your business.

Are you using social marketing for leads? Sales? Exposure? You cannot function without knowing your purpose in using this tool we’ve been blessed (or cursed) with. This is THE first step in formulating your business’ social media strategy.

To figure out your “why”, ask yourself these questions…

  • What is motivating me to pursue social marketing for my business?
  • Do I have a community online?
  • What do I want to achieve most from social marketing – is it sales? leads? exposure? be famous?
  • Am I using this for one event or promotion or to create an online community of raging fans?

After you’ve answered those (or other questions), write out your purpose. For example, it could be “My reason for using social media is to create an online presence to enhance the visibility of my business.” or “My reason for using social media is to drive traffic to my website.”

Writing this out will make it more official – it will be your social marketing mission statement.

Everything done on social media should be done with purpose. You should have a reason for every post you publish.  Every picture your post. Everytime you type a single world. All of this needs to point back to your “why” statement. In fact, everything needs to go back to this.

If you never figure this out, then you’ll never be successful in your social marketing efforts.

Have you figured out your “why”?

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