Find Out Why Your Company May Be Losing Followers

Find Out Why Your Company May Be Losing Followers

Have you noticed a decline in follows or likes recently? Or are you simply curious about what attracts and turns off consumers? According to Social Media Today’s latest infographic, we can help you dig deeper into the social media world and help your company be proactive about its online content.

Some numbers to begin with:

  • 12% of respondents in the survey unfollowed a brand on Twitter within the last few days, and
  • 25% said they unfollowed a brand on Facebook within the past month.

So, what is causing the loss of interest?

Survey results showed that repetitiveness and boring posts can cause them to unfollow certain brands. If your social media posts are lacking in this department, it may be time to focus more on the social media sites to gain followers and earn back that great reputation online!

Also, 19% of those polled said they would unfollow a brand on Facebook if they posted too frequently ( 6+ times per day). If your company falls into this category, there’s no need to panic or completely shift your social media tactics, but simply take these results into accounts and see if you think your brand may fall into these habits.

8% said they would unfollow a brand on Twitter if the company was slow with responding or engagement. Although this number seems small, it’s important to interact with consumers to make them understand that you are concerned with their feedback, questions and thoughts.

Survey results listed the top four most important social media activities:

  1. new content in posts
  2. content is relevant to brand
  3. engagement with followers
  4. consistent frequency with posts

And which types of posts do consumers prefer?

  1. images: 22%
  2. videos: 15%
  3. customer reviews: 15%
  4. company news: 14%
  5. exclusive data: 13%

In summary, a final survey shows that consumers are likely to unfollow a brand if they post white papers, e-books, and case studies.

To see the full results, check out the post linked above. And let us know your thoughts on these surveys and how your company deals with unfollows.


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