Evolution of Social Media


I came across an interesting article the other day from December 1, 2013. The article is titled “The Evolution of Social Media”. When the facts are laid out the way they are in this article, it is mind-blowing. Can any of us remember life before social media? I know my generation can’t. Let’s take a look at some of the facts mentioned in the article.

To begin, there are about 1,730,000,000 people who are active on social media, which is ¼ of the World’s population! Since 2008 Facebook has grown from 130 million users to a staggering 1.2 billion with a valuation of $100 billion, Twitter has gone from a mere 1 million to 225 million with a valuation of $24 billion, and LinkedIn did not even exist in 2008 but now has 260 million users and a valuation of $26.6 billion. In just five short years these sites have grown tremendously.

A few milestones the article discusses are Barack Obama being the first “Social Media” President in 2008 after running the most advanced social media campaign in history. Also, Twitter in 2009 was the first news of the plane landing in the Hudson River. In 2010, Instagram and Pinterest are introduced. Astronaut, Chris Hadfield tweets image from space. Most recently, Twitter joins the IPO party in 2013.

These few facts alone are enough to realize everyone should be using the social media sites for business. By simply using these social media platforms you have access to ¼ of the world’s population! Working with Social Media is an ever-changing job with unlimited opportunities. Everyone should be active and use these platforms to benefit business and life itself. Who knows what the next five years will hold?

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