Connecting with Customers & Clients via Social Media

Connecting with Customers & Clients via Social Media

Pinterest just hit 100 million users. Instagram tops 300 million. Facebook boasts over 1 billion. If you think you don’t have an audience on social media you’re wrong. If you’ve been told that social media just won’t work for you – you’ve been told a lie.

You do and you can.

Recently I gave a talk at a University of Georgia Small Business Development seminar about connecting to customers with social media. This is a frequent question that comes up when they consult with smaller businesses.

In my talk, I gave them 16 actionable ways they can connect, starting right now –

  1. Use Twitter Lists.
  2. Use Facebook Interest Lists.
  3. Use Mention or Google Alerts.
  4. Tag people and/or businesses in your social media posts.
  5. Start the conversation.
  6. Don’t fear the non-response or negative response.
  7. Be in it for the long-term.
  8. Don’t broadcast.
  9. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  10. Support the businesses you are targeting.
  11. RESPOND.
  12. Share your warm & fuzzies.
  13. Make use of white papers/webinars/free resources.
  14. Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search.
  15. Look up local events and opportunities on MeetUp.
  16. Advertise on Social Media.

Also included were 2 case studies – JetBlue Airways and Denny’s. View the Prezi below for the full presentation.

What other ways would you add?

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