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Welcome to the Social Solutions Collective

This week I’m taking a break from the social influence theme (STILL waiting on PeerIndex) to introduce you to a phenomenal group of women I am proud to be apart of: the Social Solutions Collective.

We are a group of social media strategists, consultants and designers that want to bring you the absolute best in social media.  The niches we cover range from Twitter to content curation to what’s new in social media – you name it, we cover it.

To quote the Social Solutions Collective website, “While we all run our own businesses, some of us more than one, we understand that in the fast-paced, ever changing world of social media you don’t want to work with a jack of all trades, master of none. Sure, each member of our collective excels in a multitude of social situations. But, we also know we all have our “best” skills.  By coming together, each of us with a different “best skill”, we can each offer real solutions that can be rolled up into one rocking package.

Outsourcing is something most small, and many medium, sized businesses must consider. Sure, you can outsource your social media to a single entity. More than likely they’ll do a darned good job. But if blogging and content curation are that company’s “best” skills, you may find that the graphics aren’t quite what you had in mind, or maybe your Twitter feed feels a little less than vibrant and engaging. That happens. But not when you work with a collective.

When you work with a collective that can provide you with everything from unique graphics to ghost writing for your blog, your social media marketing isn’t just covered, it ROCKS!”

In this group, I blog twice a month on what’s new in social media. We all know how fast things change.

I invite you to connect with us on all of our platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sscollective
Twitter: www.twitter.com/collectivess

Complimenting an Online Business with Offline Marketing

This is a guest post submitted by a company I’d been talking with located in England…

Complimenting an Online Business with Offline Marketing

It is the age of the internet, and the face of marketing is shifting. Many firms are weighted heavily towards its usage as a business tool, fearing being left behind by the changing landscape of their trade. There are also those that believe offline marketing still holds supreme, and the physical nature of it sets it above the detachment of the internet. The truth lies somewhere in the middle: a common ground shared by both. Let us consider the following case-studies, and what we can learn from them:

1) Know your Target-Market:
The Marketing – Imagine setting-off from the office after a hard day’s work. You’re tired, and the last thing on your mind is heading to your local supermarket to do the shopping. As you step onto the platform at the train station, you spot the billboard: Designed to imitate a supermarket shopping aisle, each item on the 2D shelf bears a ‘code’. Scanning these with your phone drops them into an online shopping-basket, which you can then have dispatched to your home. (Peapod’s QR code grocery stores are located in Chicago’s State and Lake Station Tunnel).

(Read more at http://www.business2community.com/mobile-apps/qr-code-grocery-store-convenient-creative-0174988#MiUrlBUl2tXTmxVz.99)

The Theory – QR, or quick-response, codes are a relatively new phenomenon in the West. They are a form of bar-code, generally designed for scanning with a camera or smart-phone. When photographed and decoded using a free ‘app’, they can serve a number of functions, not least, directing the user to web-pages, displaying images and text or, as seen above, to do the shopping.

The Lesson – Targeted advertising remains an effective tool, especially when combined with the convenience offered by technology, and the internet.

2) Engaging your Audience:
The Marketing – Popular amongst teenagers and young people, Ohio-founded grunge/rock band ‘Nine Inch Nails’ (abbreviated NiN) are well-known for marketing ingenuity. Fans discovered a number of USB-pen-drives taped to the walls of bathrooms at the venues. The memory-sticks contained mysterious files; apparently corrupted and blurred images and unknown NiN songs. This generated discussion, and eventually, fans deciphered a strange ‘alternate reality’ story, written by the band in the run-up to their next album release.

The Theory – Sales of the band’s music rocketed all thanks to, at its most basic level, a memory-stick in a bathroom, and a healthy dose of human curiosity. NiN exploited an obvious overlap in their fanbase: that their music appeals to young people, and that young people today often have a highly technological skillset, given the world that they’ve grown-up in.

The Lesson – Involving consumers with some kind of activity makes them feel respected, as opposed to being treated like cattle. It leaves them with a positive industry experience, which then influences their decisions when it comes to sales.

3) Keeping it Relevant:
The Marketing – You’re in Maine, the United States. You’ve just bought a pizza, and you pop the box open, to find a message printed on the inside. It’s from the Salvation Army, simply stating that the message was free, and that the money they’ve saved by not spending millions on an ad campaign allows them to feed the homeless. This was followed by their website.  Similar messages could be found scrawled on blackboards outside cafés, and scratched-onto the cardboard sleeves of coffee-cups across the city.

The Theory – The Salvation Army relies on the good-will of people. They therefore took their advertising to small businesses across Portland, asking to display their message for free. It would seem that they were vindicated, as a great number complied. The unexpected short message, followed by the website prompts curious readers to check online for more information, and potentially donate to the group.

The Lesson – Keep your marketing in-line with the message of the brand you represent, and remember that sometimes, less is more.

Technology is constantly shaping the world around us. Marketing does not exist on a separate plane of reality, but it is worth remembering that changing too rapidly can actually push-away custom. Adapting increasingly means embracing a wide range of mediums, as opposed to flitting from platform to platform. It’s not just a matter of having an offline and an online prerogative. Having them work in-sync is what makes a successful campaign.

This guest post was written by Steven Shorter on behalf of www.cosineuk.com. For more information on Cosine, and opportunities to work in the field of marketing, visit www.cosineuk.com/join-us.


Guest Q&A: Savannah History & Romance

Good morning!  Last week I had the priviledge to be interview by Sara Nickelberry, owner of Simply Social Sara on her social media travel blog.  Recently she had posted a picture of a popular restaurant in Savannah and being that I live an hour from there, we got to talking and this interview came out!

If you have not had the chance to visit Savannah, Georgia, I encourage you to come enjoy the South’s most beautiful city.  This blog post will help you get acquainted first!

Savannah: History and Romance


How to Use Facebook’s New Post Scheduling Feature

This week I have a guest post over on assistsocialmedia.com.  Liz and Angela were sweet and invited me to post on their awesome page.

The article is “How to Use Facebook’s New Post Scheduling Feature.”  It will take you step by step on how to use this great new feature!

Here’s a sample of the article…you can read the entire article here.

How to Use Facebook’s New Post Scheduling Feature

In the last week Facebook unveiled a super cool new option on their Business Pages – a post scheduling feature.  This allows those who are not using social media management software they option to schedule their posts for future times.

Why should we be excited about this?  For one, it helps small business owners.  In order to schedule posts before, you had to use a social media management program, which range from free to $1000/month+.  If the business owner didn’t want to do that, he/she had to sit and post in real time.  Trust me, that was not their priority or first-choice.

Now that Facebook has given page administrators this option, it opens up to better use of time on business pages.

A good majority of people are not aware of how to use this new feature, so I am going to walk you through it!

Read the rest of the article here.

Happy Birthday to ME! A Reflection…

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday ME Marketing!
Happy Birthday to you!


This week I am celebrating ME Marketing Services’ first birthday.  Wow, a year!  Really?  Seems like yesterday I started this journey!  I am deviating from my normal social media education posts and reflecting on the past year and what I have learned from my first year on business.

Before I do that, I want to thank some people.  These people have been instrumental in my business and I would not be where I am without them…

First and foremost, my awesome husband.  He is my #1 cheerleader, mentor and free legal counsel (he’s an attorney).  I love him and couldn’t do this without him.  Next are my 2 girls for which I am doing this for.  Thanks to my wonderful parents and in-laws, my sister, my friends, my BNI group (which helped me launch all this!) and my Inner Circle coaching group.

Okay, so here’s what I learned from my first year in business…

1.  You got to go with the flow! When I started, I thought I would be doing traditional marketing, but after getting request after request to help with Facebook pages, I went full throttle into social media marketing.

2.  Get out of your comfort zone! Some days stink and you want to go back to what is comfortable but you just got to get out there.  Approaching businesses asking them about their social media, approaching influencers online,  jumping into conversations – you are never going to get anywhere staying comfortable!

3.  Have faith!  I know I am doing what I was purposed to do – help others.  Take your passion and go for it and have faith that this is what you were destined to do.  Have faith in the Lord to guide your path.  I pray nightly for my business and leave it in God’s hands.  If you are following His path, you cannot go wrong!

Being in business for yourself is scary but it’s an awesome ride that will take you farther than you could ever imagine!

I thank you for all your support and cannot wait to see what year 2 holds for ME Marketing Services!

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