Five Ways to Catch a Consumer's Attention on Social Media

Five Ways to Catch a Consumer’s Attention on Social Media

Social media has moved from an up and coming marketing strategy to something that is here now. Even though we are living in the digital age maybe you still don’t feel like you have a grasp on social media. 


Social media is more than just sharing about your business specials or sales into a void but it can result in real human interaction, if used the right way. 


Consumers want aesthetically pleasing, personal content but often brands focus too heavily on one side or the other. Here are a couple ways to creatively market your business to consumers on social media. 


Host a local giveaway 

Local giveaways are a great way to partner together alongside businesses within the community. Chicken Salad Chick organized a local giveaway in Statesboro with six other local businesses, resulting in nearly 1000 entries. Giveaways make customers feel like they are being rewarded for supporting your business, while your business gains a multitude of new customers due to the gain in traffic on your page. 

Utilize videos 

Videos are a great way to draw your audience in. People are more drawn to the movement and sound in videos opposed to just a photo. Social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have spiked these past couple years due to their usage of videos. Try out both long and short videos to see which your customer responds to better. Online boutique, Pink Lily utilizes reels to help customers style their purchases!


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Engage with consumers through polls

Instagram and Facebook stories provide a poll feature where you can directly ask your followers questions. Not only is this helpful for you to get answers from your customers but polls have been shown in the algorithm to raise your insights and engagement. She’s Going Places Podcast does weekly polls on their Instagram stories to keep listeners engaged with their episode and remind them about the episode of the week. 



Keep a consistent cohesive filter/preset 

When a consumer first finds your social media page they will quickly scroll through your feed to decide whether or not you’re worth following. On platforms such as Instagram many peoples will be more inclined to follow you based on your feed alone. You can keep your feed cohesive by using a similar filter on each photo. A good example of this is Stella Statesboro who keeps their feed neutral to match the aesthetic of their store. 


Choose faces over graphics

If you’ve tapped into social media at all you’ve probably noticed that pictures of people get much higher insights than graphics. This can include taking photos of employees, customers, or even utilizing influencers. If you’re not the most savvy with a camera, influencers can be a great addition to help your social media. The Zone180 here in Statesboro does a great job of posting photos daily of their members after each class! 


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Maintaining a good marketing technique is all about keeping the customer first. Incorporating these five tips into your social media will not only grab customers attention but help each & every customer feel important and valued.  


What are some ways you’ve found to keep your follower’s attention on social media?



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