Canva Will Make You Look Like a Pro

I’ll be honest – I am not that savvy when it comes to graphic design. I joke that I took the music route because my artistic ability maxed out at stick people.  However thanks to the new site Canva, I look like a pro designer.

I’m sure you probably have heard about it by now, but Canva is the newest graphic program out there.  Started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, but not widely known until this year, the site has quickly taken off as a go- to for designers and marketers. The site gives you templates to pick from or you can use their elements to create your own. Canva is free for anyone to use, however if you choose to use one of their premium graphics or photos, it costs all of $1 per element.

Here is a snapshot of the company –

Nothing can replace a professional graphic designer, but if that is out of your budget and you like to crate your own, this is the program for you. Here are 4 reasons why…

1. They have preset sizes for social media posts, Twitter headers, Youtube headers, Pinterest graphics and more! If you need a custom size, you can enter those dimensions as well.

2.You do not need any graphic design background to use it. It doesn’t matter if you are self-taught like me or have a degree in design, with Canva’s helpful templates and graphics that you can customize, they will make you look like a pro.


3. It is more affordable than hiring a graphic designer. There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional if you are needing something specific. However, if you need something quick or do not have the budget for a graphic designer, Canva is here. They have elements that you can purchase for $1 each or you can use any of their free ones. I bought a $20 credit package and still haven’t used it all.

4. If you are just starting out, they offer many tutorials and a great blog to help you design that perfect graphic.

Images really make a statement. Whether you are designing for digital marketing (including social media) or traditional, Canva should be a tool you utilize.

Have you used Canva yet? Do you like it? Share with me what you think!

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