Happy Birthday to ME! A Reflection…

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday ME Marketing!
Happy Birthday to you!


This week I am celebrating ME Marketing Services’ first birthday.  Wow, a year!  Really?  Seems like yesterday I started this journey!  I am deviating from my normal social media education posts and reflecting on the past year and what I have learned from my first year on business.

Before I do that, I want to thank some people.  These people have been instrumental in my business and I would not be where I am without them…

First and foremost, my awesome husband.  He is my #1 cheerleader, mentor and free legal counsel (he’s an attorney).  I love him and couldn’t do this without him.  Next are my 2 girls for which I am doing this for.  Thanks to my wonderful parents and in-laws, my sister, my friends, my BNI group (which helped me launch all this!) and my Inner Circle coaching group.

Okay, so here’s what I learned from my first year in business…

1.  You got to go with the flow! When I started, I thought I would be doing traditional marketing, but after getting request after request to help with Facebook pages, I went full throttle into social media marketing.

2.  Get out of your comfort zone! Some days stink and you want to go back to what is comfortable but you just got to get out there.  Approaching businesses asking them about their social media, approaching influencers online,  jumping into conversations – you are never going to get anywhere staying comfortable!

3.  Have faith!  I know I am doing what I was purposed to do – help others.  Take your passion and go for it and have faith that this is what you were destined to do.  Have faith in the Lord to guide your path.  I pray nightly for my business and leave it in God’s hands.  If you are following His path, you cannot go wrong!

Being in business for yourself is scary but it’s an awesome ride that will take you farther than you could ever imagine!

I thank you for all your support and cannot wait to see what year 2 holds for ME Marketing Services!

My Favorite Social Media Blogs – Updated

Today I want to expand on one of my Top 10 Social Media Tips – To educate yourself, subscribe to a few blogs from your niche.

Continued education is very important in every field.  Teachers have to do continuing education classes, CPAs have to keep up with the latest tax code changes, attorneys have to know the latest case law.  With social media changing every single day, we have to keep on top of it all.

If you are just starting out in the social media field or have been in a while but haven’t really kept up too well, you are in luck.  I am going to share with you my favorite social media blogs.  These are the lucky few that I subscribe to via email and take time to read.  I encourage you to bookmark them (and me!) to stay ahead of the game.

Time has gone by since I first wrote this article and I felt this list should be edited 🙂

I present my favorites (in no particular order)….

Social Media Examiner

Headed up by Michael Stelzner, SME is the “world’s largest online social media magazine,  designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with customers, generate more brand awareness and increase sales.”


Jeffbullas.com is one my absolute favorites.  He provides insight into the numbers behind social media.  The infographics he posts are some of the most shared graphics on the web.  His goal is to help businesses find themselves online – through relationship building and marketing.


Who doesn’t love Pete Cashmore and Mashable?  If you are not famlilar with mashable.com, “Mashable is the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology.”  I personally subscribe to the social media channel.  I encourage you to bookmark this one!


This site is headed up by Jay Baer.  He says he’s hype-free, but he does stir the pot a little bit.  Jay provides a great counter-point to all things social media.  It’s always good to get a balanced view on things and I think Jay provides that.


Now, I may be a bit biased on this one.  I am a part of this amazing group of social media peers who are dedicated to doing social media right.  We all blog several times a month on many different topics.  I encourage you to check it out because I guarantee you will learn something.

Social Media Today

SMT is a great site with literally hundreds of authors.  All the posts/articles are on various aspects of social media – changes, platforms, tools, etc.  It’s a great one to subscribe to to know what is going on in the social media world today.

Sprout Insights

Sprout Insights is the blog from the social media management program Sprout Social (my favorite).  This blog not only keeps you informed of what is going in social media, they provide articles spotlighting people who do it right.  A plus for Sprout users, is they announce new changes here too.


Steamfeed is a lot like the Social Solutions Collective, but much bigger. The goal of Steamfeed is “s to provide YOU with the best possible resources about marketing, social media, and technology. All of our authors have gotten results – either they’ve gotten results personally, or they’ve gotten results for their clients.”  The guys here do an awesome job.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is the CEO of Human Works and an amazing person to follow. His blog is very inspiring and my friends over at Heyo sing his praises too.  He’s one of those people you just have to follow.  Trust me.

I know some of you are familiar with some of these and some of you are not.  I feel it is very,very important to continually education yourself in the field you are in.

What niche are you in?  What is your go-to source of continued education?  Comment below – I would love to know!

Top 10 Social Media Tips

Social media is wide open.  People use it for personal and business.

Like all things, there are common “rules” to abide by.  I like to call them Social Media Tips.

I’ve been posting these frequently on my Twitter page, so I would like to share my Top 10 Social Media Tips with you.  These are not in any particular order.

1. Find the top influencers in your niche and follow them. You will be surprised at what you learn.

2. To gain exposure on LinkedIn, try posting & answering in the Answers section.

3. Questions & Pictures get the most response.

4. Use clean language. Using foul language or profanity is the quickest way to get unfollowed or blocked.

5. Welcome your new Twitter followers.  Send them a tweet or DM.

6. If pinning to Pinterest, pin from the original source or your website.

7. Acknowledge! People want to be noticed. Respond to mentions, posts, retweets and direct messages!

8. Share you links. You have a difference audience in each platform. Cross-promote your latest post or your website.

9. To educate yourself, subscribe to a few blogs from your niche.

10. You do not have to do it all! Pick the platforms that work best for your business and work them!

Any successful social media campaign incorporates these into their strategy.  Do you have a tip you want to share?  Post it below or leave it on my Facebook page!

ME Marketing Services’ Birthday Giveaway








June is a big month for ME Marketing Services – we turn one!

First of all, thanks goes out to anyone who has touched or had an effect on my business – family, friends, mentors and most importantly, my clients!

To celebrate ME Marketing’s First Birthday, I am holding a massive giveaway!

One lucky person/business will win their choice of

1 month of FREE social media management or 4 – 30min. social media consulting sessions!

How do you enter?  Simply fill out the form HERE, or enter on my Facebook page anytime between today and June 11 (ME Marketing’s birthday).


Guest Post: 2 Common Myths Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals Avoid Social Media

2 Common Myths Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals Avoid Social Media
by Designer Rob Russo, Creative Director of MediaDoc Marketing

So many doctors and other healthcare professionals avoid social media marketing and networking — at least beyond a personal Facebook profile — for two reasons. Most in the healthcare industry do not take advantage of social media, blogging and most forms of marketing and advertising, really, because they believe two common myths: 1. Doctors are afraid to share too much information online. (Think HIPAA privacy laws, etc.) and 2. Healthcare professionals don’t have the time to spend on marketing efforts or any advertising, really, beyond taking out an annual ad in the Yellow Pages.

Today we will break down those two common myths and find solutions for doctors and other healthcare professionals, helping them break through these social media marketing roadblocks.

  • Myth1: Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals Can’t Share Information on Social Media. False. While it is true you can’t (nor should you!) share private information of an individual patient, there is a plethora of health and wellness tips, suggestions and guidelines you can share. Focus on your area of expertise and become the online expert in that department. So you avoid mention of Patient John Smith’s diagnosis of diabetes. But regular posts about healthy eating habits, tips on managing sugar intake, common symptoms and explanations of the top warning signs of
    diabetes would be welcome information many would appreciate. And then, of course, during Patient John’s next office visit, you can point him to your Facebook Timeline or Twitter feed. He can follow his doctor’s advice there, using the reminders and updates to keep on track after his appointment.
  • Myth 2: Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals Don’t Have Time for Social Media. False. Once your have defined your focus and dialed in to your niche, updating your various social media channels does not have to be a massive time suck. There are management tools that can assist in uploading posts and you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all of the social media networks. Find the top one or two you enjoy — and your patients utilize, of course — and start there. In addition, expert social media managers like ME Marketing Services exist (see Mandy’s previous post Facebook & Doctor’s Offices) to help you stay in touch with your patients and take advantage of these marketing possibilities while freeing your time up to do what you do best — providing the best care.Realize the truth and take advantage of this marketing potential, doctors! While online health tips and other information will never provide equivalent care or replace the need for face-to-face time with a healthcare provider, patients will appreciate your online presence and value the knowledge shared. Patients can learn everything from common symptoms of a specific disease to basic nutrition advice for healthy living online, on their own time. Then, the doctor’s valuable time in one’s actual appointment time will be maximized for individual, specialized care.

Your turn…

Are you a healthcare professional scared to take the first step with social media? Or, are you a patient that values your health and would appreciate your doctor’s advice on social media networks?


Designer Rob Russo has a strong background in  advertising and marketing and a love for social media which he puts to good use as Co-Founder & Creative Director of MediaDoc Marketing. He has worked with companies both large and small designing logos, print ads, websites, brochures, newsletters and more. Rob helps businesses — especially solopreneurs and start-ups — develop engaging marketing plans and an eye-catching brand identity. Otherwise, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and kids (and flock of chickens) on their family homestead. Oh, if you like to tweet, you can follow Rob and/or follow MediaDoc Marketing on Twitter.

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