The Art of Networking, Part 1

Networking is essential to business no matter what others may say.  It will help you more than hurt you.  Networking is more than just exchanging business cards.  There’s an art to it. I am splitting up this topic into 2 posts – part 1 is about offline networking and part 2 is all about online […]

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Social Media 2012

2012 saw a lot of changes with social media.  Some were good, some not so good.   I thought I would take my turn in highlighting some changes in social media this past year and take a glimpse into what is in store for us in 2013. In 2012 we saw… Pinterest grow in leaps […]

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Social Media Users Beware

I love social media.  I love using social media.  I love helping businesses incorporate social media into their marketing strategy.  However, I am very careful with social media. Why? Well, because there are all these so-called social media experts and gurus running around practicing bad social media. You may be asking, “what is bad social […]

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Facebook Follies, Hoaxes, Rumors, Oh MY!

Another day, another Facebook hoax on the loose. Lately, there have been a string of Facebook hoaxes/rumors/whatever you want to call them running rampant causing the most trusting people to fall for them. Today, this was the viral post… “In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to […]

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